Being chartered on November 21, 1968, our Chapter flourished for about 20 years. After that, we went dark and then reestablished on August 4, 1993. Over the last 25 years, we have had one Chairman, Tommy F. Chapman. The following have served as Chapter Advisors: Butch Chapman, Danny Bowden, Gary Toups, and Kyle Bowden.

Golden Triangle Priory was established on October 31, 2017.

Nederland Manor, Order of Squires was established October 31, 2017.

Golden Triangle Court of Chevaliers was established on November 22, 1994. The following have served as Grand Commander of Golden Triangle Court: Tommy Chapman, Chance Chapman, and Kyle Bowden.

E.E. Chapman, Sr. Preceptory was established on August 1, 2016. It is named after a charter Advisor of Nederland Chapter who remained an Advisor until his death on December 29, 2012. His son, Tommy Chapman, has served as Dead since the formation of the Preceptory.

We are fortunate to have the following members serve as State Officers for Texas DeMolay:

State Master Councilor:
Chance Chapman, 2007-2008

Deputy State Master Councilor:
Chance Chapman, 2006-2007
Robin Reed, 2020-2021
Layton Richards, 2021-2022

State Senior Councilor:
Chance Chapman, 2005-2006

State Junior Councilor:
Sampy Brown, 1996-1997
Layton Richards, 2020-Present

State Sweetheart:
Taylor Beard, 2016-2017

State Illustrious Knight Commander:
Chance Chapman, 2009-2010
Gaige Harvey, 2018-2019
Brendon Camp, 2020-2021

District Deputy State Master Councilor:
Chance Chapman, 2003-2005
C.J. Wallingsford. 2005-2006
Kyle Bowden, 2007-2008
Andrew Parks, 2008-2011
Caleb Avila, 2011-2012
Chris Allen, 2012-2013
Connor McBride, 2013-2015
Colton Beeson, 2015-2016
Jimmy Beard, 2016-2017
Chris Oatman, 2017-2018
Robin Reed, 2018-2019
Brendon Camp, 2019-2020
Trent Ketchum, 2021-2022
Layton Richards, 2022-present

State Commander in the East:
Tommy Chapman, 2013-2014
Chance Chapman, 2015-2016
Kyle Bowden, 2020-2021

State Commander in the West:
Tommy Chapman, 2012-2013
Chance Chapman, 2014-2015
Kyle Bowden, 2019-2020

State Commander in the South:
Tommy Chapman, 2011-2012
Chance Chapman, 2013-2014
Kyle Bowden, 2018-2019
Danny Bowden, 2022-present

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